Wine Country (2019) Netflix Full Movie Review

It is a 2019 comedy, produced and directed by Amy Poehler.

It is a story about six best friends, six mature women that plan a trip together to celebrate Rebecca’s 50th birthday. Abby decides to plan the party until the last detail and make the best of it. They all met years back when they all were working as waitresses at the same restaurant.

Abby will plan the trip until the last detail, even if the rest of the women just wanted to relax. She becomes a freak control with imputing the schedule to everyone. She will also hide that she lost her job, that being the main reason for her bossy behavior. Not only Abby has problems. Each one of them has one “little” unsolved issue.
Rebecca refuses to accept her age and denies that her husband isn’t to present in her life. Overall, her friends hate him.

Naomi is a mother of four and she is afraid to act like a grownup and confront the results from the doctor, believing she might have cancer.

Cathrine, a well-known businesswoman, too implicated in her work and always acting like a victim, thinking her friends are avoiding her.

Val, a mature gay woman, always in search of love. And we also have Jenny, a depressed writer.

The first night they go to serve dinner at an expensive restaurant. There they meat a cute waitress, Jade, that catches Val’s attention. After a beautiful night spent together, a fortune-teller comes and offers them an od tarot reading. Continuing their day, they attend to different wine tasting presentation around Napa. When the trip is almost over, Abby snaps and shouts to everyone that they don’t follow her schedule. Trying to calm her down, Rebecca goes after she and Abby confess she lost her job. Trying to not ruin their whole day, they decide to attend to Jade’s art gallery opening.

During the presentation, they discover the whole art show is based on the soap-opera “The Nany”. The women enter into a contradictory conversation with the younger generation, explaining to them that the younger generation doesn’t have to struggle for anything. Surprisingly, the rest of the crowd thinks that the whole discussion was only for the show and they applaud their performance. After the presentation, Val tries to ask out Jade, but she ends up being humiliated and because of a misunderstanding, she buys one of Jade’s paintings.

Desolated and upset, Abby retreats into her room and she has an unexpected proposal from Devon, the housekeeper. They end up having sex.
Following morning, Naomi finds Rebbeca on the floor. She finds out that she spent all her night there, not being able to move, having her back stuck. She admits that she has a terrible husband and she doesn’t like her life to much. Tring to continue with Abby’s schedule, the women, except Cathrine, go to serve the brunch.

Cathrine arrives a bit later accusing everyone that they never include her in their plans. Naomi snaps and she tells Cathrine that she is selfish and she is hiding too much behind her work, forgetting about her friends and the rest of the world. Also, Naomi reveals that she was waiting for the results from the doctor, but she was too afraid to ask for the final result. Rebbeca is also getting angry, facing Abby and accusing her that all this weekend was planned by her, for her.

Naomi and Abby leave upset and the rest of the girls try to catch them up. Naomi is bitten by a snake and unfortunately, none of them have a phone signal to call for help. Val sees down the hill two men and she decides to run to them and ask them for help. But she arrives too late. Worried for her, all girls follow her, except Cathrine. When her turn comes she receives a phone call from the television and she doesn’t know either if she should accept the job, or have more time for her and her friends.

The action doesn’t end here and not like we imagined. It is a movie about friendship, about life values and love. Enjoy!

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