Video Screen Capture App?

While getting my first upload set up, I got to the final section and was stumped. I was searching online tirelessly for screenshots for this show, only to come up short. Is there an easier way to take screenshots of a video (namely .avi) instead of a print screen/crop? What do people use?

The only reason I ask is because I like people to see what they’re about to download, which is what I’d like to see prior to downloading a file as well. So any push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

What OS are you using? Depending on the platform there might be specialized apps.

Among the more platform independent solutions there is vlc
which has since some versions a screen cap option
on Mac the key combo is [option] [command] [s]

In the prefs you can change the default safe location for the screenshot(s) (Desktop is default, i think) as well as the format (png is default, i chaged it to jpg to avoid too heavy torrent detail pages)

But as said, there might be way better (especially regarding automation) apps for your OS.

You know, I honestly didn’t think that would be in the FAQ. Which is why I didn’t look first. I’m still under the impression that much has to be added still. Anyway, thanks for your replies. I’m running XP Pro.

The new version of VLC has a bug in it that whenever you take a screenshot it locks up an closes. Like milkyjoe said, just go back to the previous version.

Im’ma bit late on this topic, xtasy is right image grabber 2 is a great tool as well as Virtual Dub & Irfan View.

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