On which TV you will watch the best of the series, according to Netflix

It is clear that a quality TV will give you a better image, but Netflix tells you what is best for the content on the platform.

This might be helpful, especially after the creators of the famous Game of Thrones blamed fans on TV for complaining that the episodes were too dark. According to them, they either didn’t make the settings properly or watched the episodes on a small screen, such as the iPad. Although Game of Thrones can be seen on HBO GO, the same applies to Netflix shows.

Since 2015, the platform tells you which TVs would be best suited for a platform binging session. Currently, the recommendations are three, but the company says they will add more models, as more TVs will offer Netflix directly from the remote control.

List of TVs recommended by Netflix for movies and serials

  • Panasonic VIERA, GX700 / GX800 / GX900 series
  • Samsung, Q60R / Q70R / Q80R / Q90R / Q900R series, RU8000, The Frame and The Serif
  • Sony BRAVIA, X85G / X90G and A9G series

Netflix also has criteria for making these recommendations. He says he wants to help you find the TV that offers the best platform experience, in terms of speed, ease of use, but also in terms of effective content viewing.

To be recommended by Netflix, TVs must meet five of seven criteria. In short, the TV must be a Smart TV. First of all, speed matters: the TV should turn on fast, remember where you stayed, but also start the application as soon as possible.

For recommendations, Netflix takes into consideration aspects related to resolution, image quality, but also aspects related to functionality.

Also, the TV must also have the Netflix button on the remote control.


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