Google hasn’t learned anything: why risk huge new fines in Europe

Google is, once more, in the middle of a rumor in Europe. Even though it received penalties worth billions of euros, the American company did not quit its techniques.

The governing establishments in Brussels have once again targeted Google. The US titan is believed of not quiting unlawful methods relating to the collection as well as storage space of customer information. According to the European Commission, the business did not modify its plans also after fines received in previous years.

Most likely, the European Commission’s query is based upon the GDPR policy, which manages how companies can collect and also store user data. Clear lines have been attracted, however titans like Google do not seem to be troubled. And also the big fines don’t frighten them excessive.

Google, at the facility of a new rumor

European antitrust authorities understand that IT giants are incredibly prominent. Their prominence is solid as well as is based upon the data accumulated by customers as well as from which they generate income from very. Currently, the European Commission wishes to figure out how and if Google unlawfully collects data.

Resources priced estimate by Reuters say that Brussels will closely assess just how Google can be found in ownership of customer information through search engine, targeted advertisements, but additionally through the numerous features of the business belonging to the Alphabet group.

Google seems to have actually found out no minds after the most recent rumors. Accused in the past of illegal methods in Europe, the business received overall fines worth 8 billion euros.

They may have grown too large. As well as you don’t have much to do.

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